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The Great King Trilogy - Hard cover book

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Most well known for his Christmas performance, "The Innkeeper’s Dream," as heard on the Focus on the Family radio program, David expanded his ministry from the stage to the page with The Great King Trilogy, a riveting allegory of the Gospel, the Great Commission, and the Second Coming of Christ. David Shelton brings storytelling to a new level as he incorporates visual imagery with exciting characters throughout the book, including a Sword with a mind of its own. Experience the Castle at the top of the Solid Stone Mountain, the King's forty attendants and the best ice cream ever invented on your way to the finale' when The Crown Prince returns in victory once and for all. Hard Cover.


Dr. John Trent endorses  David's book The Great King Trilogy 
"In these trying, fearful times, it's important to read epic tales of courage and sacrifice - stories where right and light overcome darkness and wrong.  That's part of why I encourage you to read The Great King Trilogy with your family.  It's a retelling of the greatest story of all stories of a King and His son that will bless your heart and become a powerful teaching tool for your children."
John Trent, Ph.D.

The Great King Book Report by Tiana Nading, Age 10

The Directors of Royal Family Kids Camp on The Great King
"The part in the story where the untrusting, skeptical children are lovingly dealt with by The Great King reminds  me so much of the many of the children we have at our camp.  The prince of the dark domain has fed them so many broken promises that they have a very difficult time believing that anyone would want to fulfill any promise to them.  In the sharing of this story, you have become a 'Repairer of Broken Walls'  (Isaiah 58:10-12) especially the broken wall of trust." 
-John and Jude Hubbell, Directors
Royal Family Kids Camp
Poulsbo, Washington
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